Welcome Back!

It's a new school year. The first meeting will be this coming Saturday at 12pm. There is no official Masters this week, but people are still welcome to meet up. We won't judge.

Friendly Facebook Reminder

We have a facebook page! Keep up-to-date with everyone over the summer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1386415118264187/  

Your New PGA Officers

Your 2016 officers are:

  • President: Jessica Ellenbecker
  • Vice President: Stephen Kunich
  • Plattecon Coordinator: Jessica Butzen
  • Webmaster: Zane Small
  • Secretary: Elinor Burton
  • Sgt at Arms (Events Coordinator): Kyle Haas


The Platteville Gaming Association holds meetings every Saturday at 12:00 P.M. during the UW-Platteville school year. Located in the Computer Conference Room in the Pioneer Student Center, our meetings are open to all. Come and join us for the week’s news, business, and most importantly, game announcements!

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Masters (Open Gaming Night)

What is Masters? It’s the PGA’s open gaming night. (Not that this night is different from any other night, but whatever!)

On Thursday nights starting at 6:00 P.M., personages of stout constitution gather to play any number of board, card, and miniatures games. Held in the Pioneer Crossing of the Pioneer Student Center, Masters is used to demo new games, play games that don’t normally get much attention, and bring awareness of gaming to the student body by playing in the most public location on the whole campus.

If you are interested in playing a new game, or are curious as to what all this gaming stuff is all about, drop on by – we guarantee you’ll see something new when you visit Masters.