Meeting Notes 9/27

~Today was the Lan party!
~If you are interested in playing Warhammer 40K, message David Kaiserling on Facebook or the forum
~There was also a Smash Bros thing today, more of that in the future
~Oct 11th, Jessica Ellenbecker will be having a GM session (after the Saturday meeting) if you are a GM needing new ideas or interested in GMing make sure you come. Everyone is welcome!
~Just a reminder that we are watching 1 episode of Firefly at 11am before the weekly meeting every Saturday (in the meeting room in the Bears Den)
~Plattecon is March 6th, 7th, 8th. If you would like to run a session at Plattecon, you can register here:
ANYONE can host a game, so get on that. However, if you are a paid member, you can "earn hours" for the sessions that you host. If you earn enough hours, you get into the con for free
~If you participate in a weekly RPG remember to post under the RPG section of the forum for campaign to earn the point. (No post= No point)
~We will be discussing the help session for Kalvin: he could not make it this week, but he left us a very "interesting" chainsaw-themed powerpoint

Masters! :] 25 Sep 2014

Games were played! Still!

  • Cataan

  • Small World

  • Ascension!!!

  • Red Dragon Inn

  • Magic

  • Last Draw

  • Pokemon TCG

  • Munchkin

(and more!)

If you were at Masters, you should post what game you played as a response to this, and add any comments you might have. Doing this nets you points! :D

News and Meeting Notes 9/20/14

~Saturday Meetings: 12pm in the Bear's Den, now with optional weekly Firefly episode in the Bear's Den at 11am.
~Master's are still on Thursday at 6pm in the PSC dining area.
~There will be a LAN PARTY on September 27th, right after the meeting in Plattevill East&West MPSC. Bring your computer, headphones, ethernet cables, and mice and if you want to participate. Post on the Facebook if you need a ride. We have a few Steam accounts if you don't have online multiplayer games.
~PLATTECON is officially March 6th, 7th, and 8th in Veltzy Commons (Ulsvik). The theme is Space Western (aka Firefly)
~You can now sign up for sessions you want to run at Plattecon:
~In order to get points that involve posting on the Forums, I need your username. (Otherwise I don't know you by your username. Either put it on the sign-in sheet at the meetings, or message me on Facebook: Jessica Butzen)
~ The Deadline for posting that you were at Masters (for your 2 points) is Wednesday at 11:59pm
~Deadline for the "why-you-weren't-at-a-Saturday-meeting pity point" AND the posting for the weekly RPG point are due on Fridays at 11:59pm
~Jessica Ellenbecker will soon be starting her DM workshops. More info to come.