News and Meeting Notes 9/13/14

Today was Mini Con!
Reminders: We are now implementing the point system starting today!
Which means: (starting today) You can do the following to get points:
1.) ~Attend Saturday's Meeting and sign the sign-in sheet! 3 Points
~Or IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE MEETING: Comment on the "Meeting Notes" post (LIKE THIS POST RIGHT NOW IF YOU WEREN'T HERE) for 1 Point
~~~~~~~~You have until 11:59pm on Friday to post why you weren't present on Sat. OR ELSE YOU WON'T GET A POINT~~~~~~~~~~~
~~(Obviously you can't make 4 points on a Saturday. Either you were at the meeting, or you weren't and posted your reason. You don't get all 4 points)~~
2.) Go to Masters. Then post under the "Master's Week: _____ to say you were there. ***You need to post or no points for you**** =2 Points
~~~~~~~~You have until 11:59 Wednesday (of the next week) to post and say you were there. OR ELSE NO POINTS!~~~~~~~~~
3.) Attend a weekly RPG =1 Point
~~~~~~Your GM should post a thread about the campaign. EVERY WEEK, PLAYERS NEED TO LEAVE A COMMENT THAT THEY WERE THERE BY 11:59pm Sunday night. OR ELSE NO POINT FOR YOU!!!~~~~~~~

Once again, get used to checking the form more often.
Saturday's meeting is at 12:00pm in the Bear's Den
Thursday meetings (Masters) start at 6:00pm in the Dining area

Masters! 11 Sep 2014

Games were played! :o

  • Small World

  • Ascension

  • Red Dragon Inn

  • Magic

  • Last Draw

  • Pokemon TCG

(and more!)

If you were at Masters, you should post what game you played as a response to this, and add any comments you might have. Doing this nets you points! :D

News and Meeting Notes 9/6/14

Today we accomplished:
-Member Introductions
-Mini Con is next Saturday (the 13th). Attend the meeting at 12:00pm and then join PGA alumni for gaming fun
-Membership is $5 for a semester ($10 for the full year). Give your money to the Captain (the vice pres.)
-There is a Point System for Participation, so make sure you come to meetings every Saturday at 12pm (in the Bears Den) and Masters every Thursday at 6pm (in the dining area), to rack up those points for awesome prizes.
-If you put on the sign-in sheet that you wanted to be a part of the Facebook group, accept the friend request from 'Jessica Butzen', so I can then add you to the group!
That's all for now!