Meeting Notes 4/25

Today there was voting for officers and the Plattecon theme motto
Next week Saturday (5/2) is the PGA picnic. It will be in the usual park, (down by the basketball hoops near the circle dorms)
The PGA will supply Brats, Hotdogs, Chips, Soda, and Fun(?). Feel free to bring desserts, snacks, other drinks (keep it PG), and MOAR FUN!!!
After the picnic will be our trip to see the Avengers Movie in IMAX 3D! We are leaving from the circle dorms parking lot at 5:20pm (returning around 10pm). Go find Captain and give him $15 for your ticket!

The Plattecon "tag" for this con is "Plattecon XIX, Chaotic Confections". The theme is still Tim Burton's Candy Land, just less copyright involved. (Artists can start thinking of art ideas if you get bored)

Here are your 2015-2016 officers:
President: The Captain
VP: Jessica Ellenbecker
Secretary: Zane Small
Sergeant at Arms: Kalvin
Webmaster: Alex

Masters 4/23

There wasn't a masters post yet, so I made one.
I played Tetris Jenga at Masters today :D It was my first time playing Jenga and I didn't lose at all

Meeting Notes 4/18

This week was nominations for officers, voting for themes, and Platteville Smash Jam 7 (, it is currently streaming :

After grueling rounds of eliminating down to a handful of themes, one rose above the rest, one that has been waiting for so long: Tim Burton's Candy Land! (name to be changed to a less copyrighted one).

Nominations are as follows:
President - Captain, Zane, Alex
Vice President - Zane, Jessica E. , Elinor
Secretary - Jessica E. , James, Kyle, Zane
Sargent at Arms - Jessica E. , Kalvin, Zane, David
Webmaster - Alex, Zane, James

Here are the known list of people who are going to Imax 3D Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron after the picnic (May 2nd). The cost is $15. Also includes how many people they can drive:

Jessica E
Joe G - Can take 7
Mini Droid - Kids Ticket
James T
Max A
Alex H
David K
Steven K
Josh D - Take 4
Kalvin B
Carrrie T

You have until around Midnight to add your name to the list. First come first serve for rides. Remember, if you are driving and have PGA members (more than 1) in the car, we will cover gas.