In the depths of time and the vast, vague haze that is years gone by, there was a group. A congregation of like-minded individuals, they set out to do the unthinkable – to bring together the disparate elements of geeks, nerds, and outcasts of a university into a single, powerful organization. The masses from the UW-Platteville campus would then be gathered through the rolling of dice, the flipping of cards, and the pushing of little plastic men around on tabletops. And through these individuals, a great quest would be born – to seek the Holy Grail.

Well, the great quest didn’t work out so well. So it was sacked.

But the gaming was good, so the members continued on that tradition. And thus the years passed by, and we are left with that one great ideal – the bringing together of gamers from across the campus and beyond, to forge a community of like-minded individuals.

At the very least, they have a constitution and a name: The Platteville Gaming Association.
Read on, oh wanderer of the web, to see just what we are…

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