The PGA Student Gamer Scholarship

Welcome to the online home of the PGA Student Gamer scholarship! Contained on this page is all of the information necessary regarding this endeavor, whether you are a current Platteville Gaming Association member or a seasoned PGA Alumnus. It is our sincere hope that we may all use this as resource to grow and reinforce the bonds of friendship for those that came before to those that are here and yet to come!


To apply for the 2017 PGA scholarship, you must fill out this form and mail it to one of the appropriate addresses.
PGA Scholarship application for 2017


The following are the guidelines by which the scholarship is administered.

Section the First - General Scholarship Information
  1. Purpose
  2. This scholarship is offered to student members of the Platteville Gaming Association (PGA) by the Alumni of the PGA to provide support, and encourage participation in the club and its yearly convention, PlatteCon.

  3. Eligibility
  4. The following are the minimum requirements for a student to be considered for receipt of the scholarship:
    • Be a student in Good Standing at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville
    • Be of at least Sophomore standing
    • Be a paid member of the Platteville Gaming Association
    Other minimum requirements may be added on an as-needed basis, as determined by the Administrator(s) of that year's scholarship award. Commonly and historically, this includes an essay on a topic pertinent to club affairs.

  5. Schedule
  6. The following are the important dates/milestones as regards the scholarship:
    • The scholarship for the current scholastic year will open for both applications from students, and donations to the scholarship from alumni, as of the first PGA meeting of the fall semester. (Generally, this will be in early September) A public announcement will be made at this meeting, along with a public posting on this website and the PGA forums online. Applications will be made available to the students at this time.
    • The window for receipt of applications from students will close on December 31 of the scholastic year in which it is announced. If necessary, an extension of the deadline may be granted and publicly announced by the Administrator(s).
    • The window for donations from alumni will close no less than one week prior to the start of PlatteCon for that scholastic year.
    • The scholarship will be awarded at PlatteCon.

Section the Second - Scholarship Administration
  1. Application Evaluation
  2. Upon the close of the application window and receipt of all valid applications, the Administrator(s) will select as Evaluators a number of Alumni who have expressed interest in participating in the review of all applications for that year. These Evaluators will then be forwarded copies of all valid applications. They will review those applications, and from amongst the applicants generate a consensus opinion on which applicant will receive the scholarship for that year.

  3. Scholarship Award Amount and Disbursement
  4. In a given year, donations provided by PGA Alumni will fund that year's scholarship award. It is the intent that the scholarship award will be no less than $300. In the event that donations total less than this amount, several unnamed alumni have made an ongoing pledge that will bring the total donations up to that amount. In the event that donations exceed this amount, it is left to the Administrator(s) to adjudicate the leftover funds. If at all possible, a second (and third, and so on) award of the same value will be awarded. Otherwise, those funds may be disbursed in addition to the stated award, or held until the next year's award period.

    The applicant chosen to receive the award will be announced at PlatteCon, and the award will be disbursed at that time.

  5. Donation Accounting
  6. All donations will be held in trust and accounted for by the Administrator(s). An Alumnus that donates to the scholarship fund may request a receipt, as necessary. After the disbursement of a year's award, a contributing Alumnus may request an anonymous account of all donations received in that year. The Administrator may also make this accounting publicly available via this website, as deemed necessary.

  7. Scholarship Award History
  8. The Administrator(s) of the scholarship, once awarded and disbursed for the year, will publicly post a record of that year's scholarship information (recipient, donors, award amount, etc..) via this website.

Section the Third - Statement of Mutability
  1. Changes to the Charter and Scholarship
  2. The Administrator(s) has the discretionary power to change any or all of the above rules as necessary to best adjudicate the scholarship and its processes, which will be made in all due faith to the stated purpose of the scholarship. These changes will be publicly announced via this website.

Current Administrator(s):
Tom Knipple and David Nalepinski

Past Administrators:
None yet!


In the spring of 2007, two PGA alumni decided they both wanted to give back to the club and community that had brought them so much. They quickly established that the best way the two of them could contribute would be to form a scholarship for the current members of the PGA. After months of wrangling, conversing, and deliberating, the two alumni came up with the initial terms for the scholarship and presented it to the membership and officers of the PGA.

"This scholarship is offered to student members of the Platteville Gaming Association by the Alumni of the PGA to provide support and encourage participation in the PGA and PlatteCon."

The proposal was well received by student members of the PGA and Alumni alike. And with each passing year it is our hope that interest in the scholarship will continue to grow; both from students who may take advantage of it, and the alumni who may contribute to and administer it.


2008 at PlatteCon Phi
Recipient: Mark Krippner
Award Amount: $300
Alumni Contributors: David Nalepinski, Tom Knipple, Jerold Korinek

2009 at PlatteCon Chi
Recipient: Jason Bulgrin
Award Amount: $300
Alumni Contributors: Corey Janecky, Tom Knipple, Jerold Korinek and David Nalepinski

2010 at PlatteCon Psi
Recipient: Erin Ulrich
Award Amount: $400
Alumni Contributors: Jason Bulgrin, Corey Janecky, Tom Knipple, Jerold Korinek, David Nalepinski, and Paul Salzer